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Sacred heart rays

Divine mercy image b 51 MB

Divine mercy image b 51 MB
Divine mercy image b 51 MB 

File size: 51 MB     
Dimensions: 8359 × 12000

This is a high resolution image and hence no preview available. Click on the download button to get the high resolution file to your download folder.

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Thanks to all Supporters
1. Jaimon Akkanath, 2. Valenti Arrioja, 3. Li Meili, 4.  Johnny Nguyen, 5. Laura Squeff de Souza Pio, 6.  Anthony Fodor, 7. Fady Maalouf, 8. Simone Diolaiuti, 9. Linh Pham, 10. Yeo Paul, 11. Jayesh Chacko, 12. Jonathan Hoang, 13. Fernando Garcia, 14. Mary Steinke Atawya 
15. Gabe Lockteig, 16. Shamin Mannathukkaran, 17. Robert Papp, 18. Eloise Lawrence,      19. William Armstrong, 20. Christian Marchhart, 21. Michele Roofe, 22. Carla Brooks, 23. Jimmy Isaac, 24. Butch Fernando, 25. Jaqueline Sandoval Martinez, 26. Jason Colmer, 27. Alwyn Joshy, 28. Lisa Bowden, 29. William Graveman, 30. Ky nguyen xuan ky, 31. Harold Ramirez, 32. Christopher Ponniah, 33. Saferite Training34. Miro Balic,   

   May GOD bless you immensely and give hundred folds back for your sincere donations.  

Dear Art Lovers,
       I have recreated this famous image of the Divine Mercy for you to use it freely. This image is of a very high resolution and can be used for A4 size printing to 40 ft.flex printing. It is a result of many hours and days of hard work. Though painting is my passion. If you like this work, I seek your support and encouragement to continue my dedication for such causes. If you are willing to provide any financial assistance, you may kindly click the button below. I shall soon be coming out with my new work on similar themes.  Thank you for your patronage and support. 


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